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Image of sexy models wearing Tragic Kiss luxury lingerie, with man in pin-striped suit in bathtub. 


Like a shot in the dark from the start-up crossroads of Austin, Texas, Tragic Kiss is an independently-owned brand that’s innovatively reshaping the luxury lingerie landscape, rebelling against fast-fashion and all things mass, cheap, and disposable. Untethered by the shackles of executives and boards that prioritize profit over product and experience, we are breaking the mold and separating ourselves from the typical lack-luster formulaic brands that have lost their way.

Instead, we’ve set out to produce a uniquely creative ‘story-telling experience’ that fuses fashion and fiction, intimately bridging the gap between product and emotion. Inspired by discriminating tastes of European glamour and old-world craftsmanship, meticulous and delicate thought has been put into every aspect of the Tragic Kiss experience, ensuring our everlasting impression on the fashion world. Our lingerie is meant to last a lifetime and is even backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty that protects our customers from any workmanship defects for the life of the product. 

Collections are inspired by the personas of six fictitious women, whose life stories are explored through chapters following their transgressions, challenges, and experiences through womanhood. The stories ultimately serve as the creative directional force behind our intimate apparel pieces, giving the wearer an emotional and intellectual connection with our brand, as well as hinting at the choice of our name: Tragic Kiss – because love can be tragic.

If you like the sound of this love song, then help spread the word about Tragic Kiss and join the resistance against mediocrity.

Image of sexy models wearing Tragic Kiss luxury lingerie playing cards and drinking tea

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